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Remove the patch from the package. Pull back the small Velcro strap first. Then pull back the larger Velcro strap. Depending on which eye you need to occlude, place the right or left temple (the part of your frame that rests on your ear) into the biggest opening located on the side of the patch (like putting a foot into a sock). Next, slide the temple through to the smaller opening and slide the patch up the temple. (The Velcro pieces should be on top).  Slide the patch across the frame front (the fabric stretches) secure the large Velcro strap across the top of the frame. Then take the small Velcro strap and wrap it across the bridge (the part that rest on your nose) and Velcro it across the large Velcro strap. Wear the patch as directed by your doctor or as needed. Questions? View our frequently asked questions link at the top of any webpage or email us. 






Hand wash/soak the patch in your favorite detergent and warm water. If worn with the fabric appliqué: DO NOT use detergent.  Instead, use fabric softener to soiled area. Rinse Thoroughly. Ring out the excess water and air dry. To dry fleece you can use a low heat cycle in the dryer for 15 minutes.