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Mason's eye patch


Super Mason!
Age 5
"Thanks so much for creating this custom patch for our son.  He loves it, and it fits his frames very well. "

Braxton eye patch


"Braxton LOVES his new patch! We tried the sticky patches & the "pirate" patch & they annoyed him so it was a huge battle to keep them on him. He has no problems wearing this one from Framehuggers. He says it's comfortable &, of course, he loves that we were able to get his favorite super hero, The Incredible Hulk on it. Thanks Framehuggers!"



Billy eye patch


"Billy and his parents are happy with the patch.  It is so much easier than the patches with adhesive that can irritate the skin. Billy loves his new SpongeBob Patch!Thanks again!"
Jodi eye patch

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Hannah Montana patch. Ruby absolutely adores it! She was supposed to be done patching for the day, but didn't want to take it off. I will pass on your brochure to our doctor's office when we go back later this month. Any parents whose kids need to patch need to get a Framehugger! :) Thanks also for your quick, personal service. We will definitely be ordering again soon."

alex eye patch


"Thank you so much for the great patches. You have been so helpful and encouraging! I got the patches from you in Sept 2008. Since using them as prescribed my son's vision went from 20/80 in his right eye to 20/30!!!!!!!!!!! This is November and we get to reduce his patch time to 1 hour per day! I highly recommend your patches and brought your brochure to his Ophthalmologist yesterday. She was impressed! Thank you again for making such a wonderful difference in the lives of children. Their future truly will be brighter because of you and the work you do!"

Lance eye patch


"I was pretty disheartened when I found out that Lance would have to wear a patch whenever he was awake for a fairly long period of time.  The eye doctor showed me the type of patch he recommended, and I was just sick at the thought of Lance having to wear that all day.  He's a sweaty little boy, and he is very picky about things that bother him, he hated the band-aid patch.My husband found this website, and I was so thrilled when we got them in the mail.  They were easy to put on the glasses and really soft.  Lance has never questioned them at all, and we have had our first after-patch visit with his doctor, and he said he has improved.These patches are really amazing, I highly recommend them!!"

J.R. eye patch


"Providing the best vision for my son became so much easier with framehuggers support. Thank you Camille for helping to keep that wonderful smile on J.R.'s face. The Spiderman picture sure helps, too!"

Dustin eye patch


"Dustin thinks his camouflage patch with Spiderman is really cool. He especially enjoyed being able to choose the color and character he wanted. I must say, I was quite impressed with the quality and workmanship of the patch. Framehuggers is a high-quality, very functional creation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the work you are doing. Framehuggers has made the transition to patching a very smooth one. Hats off to Framehuggers and a big THUMBS UP!!"

Jamie's  eye patch


"We received our Framehuggers patches yesterday. He LOVES it! In fact as soon as I showed it to him he wanted me to put it on even though he’s only required to patch 5 hours a day and he was done for the day. He insisted on wearing it the rest of the day."

Andi Marie eye patch

Andi Marie

"We are very happy with the Framehugger patch. We were use to the stick on kind and Andi Marie hated them. She was very excited to be able to pick out her own patch on the web site. Her aunt Jodie sent her your video that she really enjoyed. Andi Marie checked the mail every day until the patch arrived. She's been wearing it great ever since!"

Kash eye patch


"We received our Framehuggers today. My son was refusing to wear the patch from the doctor, the typical pirate style, and it was a daily battle to get him to even wear it for a 15 minute period.  This is only day one and he's had his Framehugger on for over 4 hours now, and in his own words 'this is very comfy and my eye feels comfy in it;'. 
Thank you so much." Thanks again
Keira and Kash (4 years old)

Madera Sisters eye patches

Madera Sisters

"I just wanted to say thank you for the patches. I had tried everything I could get my hands on and while one of my girls kept finding ways to cheat, the other would cry that the patch scratched her or hit her eyelashes funny.  Your patches have worked great and "Patch Time" is much easier.Thanks!"

Margo eye patch


"Thank you so much for the eyepatch. It used to be such a battle to get my daughter to wear her eyepatch. We were using the adhesive eye patches. She complained of them itching and pulling her eyebrows. She will wear the framehuggers eyepatch with no complaining. She sometimes likes to wear it out just to share it with others."

Kylee eye patch


"We love Framehuggers because they are kid-friendly and there are so many options to choose from. Thanks"



Leonardo's eye patch


"I confirm your patch is absolutely peek-proof! And it makes us happy and optimistic, that Leo will soon see better!"

CJ's eye patch


"CJ's doctor loved it. We started patching CJ at about 3 1/2 months old. She had cataract surgery and a lens implant at 8wks old. Once she started wearing the glasses at nine months old, the sticky patch just did not fit with the glasses. CJ is now 15months old and wears her framehuggers patch on her glasses and everyone is much happier. She has good days with it and some bad. The patch is getting a lot of attention on our travels this summer. Again, thank you!"

Maryana's eye patch


"I just had to write a thank you for your wonderful patches! When we found out that our 3 year old daughter Maryana had to wear glasses and a patch full time, I was scared. How I was going to get her to keep on a patch all day was beyond me, plus she has such sensitive skin. I was given your website and Maryana picked out her favorite color, as well as her favorite princess to be on her patch. She does not fight it at all, and she lovingly refers to her patch as her glasses' dress! Thank you again!!! I am attatching a pictures of her, can you tell how happy she is

Clara eye patch


"Thank you for making me a strap to hold my glasses! And I love the way you make them. I think you are really good at doing it. Thank you for doing it. I think you're one of the best makers of the glasses things! Thank you so much for sending me this. You're one of the best strap makers and "pirate patch" makers. I think kids need these."

Love Clara

private eye patch


"My son has a very severe cross eye and will be wearing an eye patch hrs/day going on his 6 month. We needed something that he was comfortable wearing but still worked. This product has been the answer! He wears it every day with no complaints and they're so reasonably priced we can order him a new one every few months to help keep the experience exciting and fun. I can't imagine buying any other eye patch for a child, this has met all our needs and I highly recommend it."
Anna eye patch


"Wearing an adhesive patch was not an option for Anna.  We are so glad we found Framehuggers.  She loves the colors and patterns and the soft feel! Thank you so much."

Lincoln's eye patch


"Thank you so much, Camille! The eye patch is just right - so ingenious - and arrived very quickly. We especially appreciate your input and flexibility on the image. An eyelash viper is the biggest motivator we could have for Lincoln!"

Logan's eye patch


"I just had to let you know how happy we are with Framehuggers. Logan has extremely sensitive skin and adhesive patches irritated his skin very badly. Plus they just weren't comfortable for him. Framehuggers has made "patch time" much easier for both of us."

Chloe Alexa eye patch

Chloe Alexa

"Thank you so much for everything!  My Niece loves her new patches! You just helped make a very difficult situation for a child so much easier, I can't thank you enough!!"

Lucia eye patch


"My daughter needed to start patching when she was 3-months old.  After a short patching break, she is back to patching 3-hours a day.  Framehuggers make the patching experience so much smoother for my 2-year old, and myself as well.  We would not be nearly as successful with patching if it wasn't for this product.  And if that's not enough, the Headhugger totally adds to the positive glasses wearing experience for my toddler.  Her new big girl glasses stay on her oh so well.  Four thumbs up from us for the Framehugger and Headhugger!  I can't say enough good things about both of them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"



"My son connor is 3 years old he has delt with a lazy eye since he was 18 months old. I have tried many different styles of patches but nothing seemed to work without a constant battle with Connor! I realized that screaming and crying and holding down were not going to help make Connors eye better. I began to look for other options my dad online then discovered framehuggers and we gave it a shot. The picture is of Connor day one after receiving his eye patch. He loves it! I am so thankful for Framehuggers and the road to improvement framehuggers has proveded Connor!"

Louise eye patch


"I am very satisfied with my framehuggers . I am pleased that they are so comfortable. The fleece fabric forms a great seal on the top and side, effectively blocking out light. The fit at the base of my glasses is perfect. There is about a 1millimeter gap in the lower area by my cheeks, that allows oxygen in yet light does not pass through. Your design is amazing. It is the perfect solution for my problem. I am recovering from the second retinal detachment within a month. I wish I knew about your patches 6 weeks ago. It is wonderful to be able to see clearly in all lighting conditions!"
adams eye patch


"We are only on day 2 of Adams patching and hes doing brilliant, He managed the 6 hours required today. I think that the hugger is fantastic and if we didnt have it, it would make things alot harder to deal with. I am so happy with his hugger I tell everyone about it and alot of people enquire about it and i pass on your details. Its just so soft and comfy on his face. He only took it off a few times and that was to look at Thomas on the front. Thank you so much!"

Ethen eye patch


"My son Ethan loved it! He loves Thomas the Train and the free custom Thomas applique made his day. I will be recommending your website to Ethan's pediatric ophthalmologist at St. Louis Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Ethan and I BOTH give you a thumbs up!!!"

Dylan eye patch


"Dylan was sent home with adhesive eye patches from his eye doctor. He cried when we would put one on and would complain that they itched. We fought him daily to barely get him to wear the patch for the prescribed amount of time. We found your web site, ordered him his Sponge Bob patch and life has been great ever since it came in. He wakes up asking to wear his patch. No more tears and no more fighting him. Thanks Framehuggers! You've made our lives a whole lot easier!!!"

Luke eye patch


"Luke is very comfortable wearing his patch. And he loves the SpongeBob applique!"

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